Trump: Biden Runs Gestapo Administration

Donald Trump made scathing Nazi remarks at the Republican National Convention on Saturday.

Donald Trump calls his raids a political stunt. Brendan McDermidt / POOL, EPA / AOP

Former President of the United States Donald Trump He continues his accusations that Democrats have rigged the justice system against him. On Saturday, Trump made the comparison Joe Biden’s Administration Adolf Hitler To Nazi Germany’s Gestapo Police.

Trump made the comparison Saturday during a private gathering of party leaders and major donors at his Mar-a-Lago in Florida. A donor who attended the meeting provided a recording of the event to US media.

In his hour-and-a-half speech, Trump accused Democrats of running a Gestapo regime.

– These people run the Gestapo administration, Trump says in the recording, AFP news agency reported.

“That’s the only way they can win.”

The Gestapo, or Geheim Stadtspolizei (Finnish: Secret State Police), was a political security police organization and part of Nazi Germany’s intelligence service. It persecuted dissidents, especially Jews, and was known for its brutal torture methods and concentration camp punishments. After World War II, the Gestapo was condemned as a criminal organization and guilty of crimes against humanity.

Trump blamed the lawyers. Four separate cases have been filed against Trump, including an ongoing embezzlement case in New York.

Trump has denounced the lawsuits as a campaign to oust him by a Democratic administration. His remarks received a standing ovation from the crowd at Mar-a-Lago.

Governor of North Dakota and one of Trump’s vice presidential nominees Doug Burgum Confident CNN:lle The content of Trump’s speech, however, downplays its significance.

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– It’s a small comment on an issue that wasn’t really the focus of his speech, Burgum says.

– A majority of Americans feel that his current trials are politically charged.

On Sunday, the White House criticized Trump’s speech.

– Instead of repeating the horrors of fascists, eating lunch with neo-Nazis, and fueling conspiracy theories that cost the lives of brave police officers, President Biden is uniting Americans through democratic values ​​and the rule of law. Speaker of the house Andrew Bates According to AFP.

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