A terrible accident in Kauniainen – a 10-year-old child died

A 10-year-old child died in Kauniain after falling under the tires of a snow plowing tractor.

The child died on the spot. Illustrative image. Inca Soweri

A 10-year-old child was trapped under the tires of a snow plowing tractor in Kauniainen on Tuesday afternoon, April 23. The tractor driver called the emergency center at around 2pm about the incident.

The child died on the spot.

Police are currently investigating the accident as a fatal accident and a traffic safety hazard.

Director General of Police, West Uzma Hannu Kondola According to the current understanding, the accident happened on a minor road that does not have a separate light traffic lane.

The police said that the accident took place near the school. Gondola says the child was alone with a friend at the time of the crash.

A friend witnessed the accident

In addition to the police, there are first aid, rescue services and social and crisis emergency services on site.

A child who went to school with the victim met with an accident. The child is not physically injured in this situation, but has been given emergency assistance. Condola says the baby was able to talk early.

– If the incident is of concern to other children, police urge adults to discuss it with them, police said.

Crimes will be mentioned as the investigation progresses. The case is progressing through investigations and interviews. Next, the police will find out the exact sequence of events.

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