Finally, the feature that Apple users have been waiting for from the S group

The S Group has introduced a long-awaited functionality that makes life easier for Apple users, S-etukortti and S-etukortti Visa can finally be added to the Wallet app.

Apple users had to wait years for a Digital S Advantage card for their phones. Ville Jarvelinen

S-etu Card and S-etu Card Visa can finally be added to the Wallet app for Apple devices. The long-awaited feature has been introduced today, Tuesday.

S group says on his website, the Digital Green Card can be installed as long as the latest version 2.27.0 of the S-Mobile app is used. If the app doesn't update automatically, you can update it via the App Store.

When the app is up to date, you can go to the Me tab in S-Mobile and add the S Benefit card to Wallet.

At checkout, you can use the Digital S Advantage card by double-pressing the lock button on the iPhone, selecting the card, and bringing the phone next to the payment terminal. The S front cover can be used with the Apple Watch smartwatch. If the card also has a payment facility, the bonus card and payment card will appear as separate cards in the wallet.

This is how you use the S Advantage card included in Apple's Wallet. S group

Self-service checkout also works

The Digital S Advantage card can also be used at self-service cash registers. However, at the initial stage, you will not be able to accumulate bonuses at all S Group locations such as certain restaurants, cafes and hotels. A list can be found at the appropriate places From the website of S Group.

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Apple users have been waiting years for the S Advantage card to be added to the phone. On the other hand, you've got the Digital S advantage card for Android phones for a long time.

Apple recently allowed operators other than banking apps to use the phone's NFC chip.

Account Manager of S Group Heiney Dahlström The timing of the release was not a result of Apple's decision, says Ildalehti.

– We wanted to bring both cards i.e. S-etu Card and S-etu Card to Visa, Apple's Wallet at the same time to make the transactions smooth while the bonus can be accumulated and paid easily in one application. . Now we are fully prepared for this, says Dahlström.

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