Biden called Zelensky – significant aid to Ukraine is coming “immediately” from the US

This article summarizes the most important events of the Ukrainian war since Monday, April 22, 2024. It was the 789th day of the war.

Biden called Zelensky

President of the United States Joe Biden Had a phone conversation with the President on Monday Volodymyr Zelenskyin With, Reuters reported.

In the call, Biden told Zelensky that the United States would “urgently provide a significant new arms assistance package to meet Ukraine's urgent battlefield and air defense needs.”

According to Biden, this will move forward once the US Senate approves the expected aid package and he signs it into law.

The US House of Representatives on Saturday approved a $61 billion aid package for Ukraine after months of delays.

Biden said the US would soon send an arms aid package. AOP

Ukraine's intelligence chief: difficult times ahead, but Ukraine will not lose

Head of Military Intelligence of Ukraine Krylo Budanov He gave a long interview to a Ukrainian speaker BBC:lle.

– According to our estimation, a difficult period awaits us in the future.

According to the BBC, Butano's interview was different from previous ones because his future prospects had become more negative. According to Butano, Ukraine will not lose the war yet.

– As always, we came up with something at the last minute.

Budanov admits that Russia has recently achieved success.

– At Avdizhivka, the Russians won a real victory. This must be acknowledged. They did it. It is still too late to talk about everything.

Butanov admitted that there are problems on Ukraine's front line. On the other hand, the approach of the Russians is “comprehensive”.

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– They perform an extensive activity in the middle of May or early June.

According to Butano, in addition to the attacks on the front, Russia is planning the so-called Maidan-3 operation, the purpose of which is to organize mechanical mass demonstrations in various parts of the country and to instill distrust in the authorities.

The objective of Operation Maidan-3 will be to disrupt the mobilization and instill panic among the people. Ukraine will find it difficult to respond to internal unrest because its military is tied to the front.

Finally, Budanov reminds us not to listen to “armchair experts” who predicted the collapse of Ukraine from the beginning of the war.

– Ukraine will not lose and Ukraine will not be destroyed.

Politics: US wants to send military advisers to Ukraine

Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder He said the US wants to send more military advisers to Kiev. The additional troops would expand the US military presence in Ukraine.

This was reported Politics.

Ryder did not say the exact number of advisers, but defense sources estimate around 60 military experts.

– Throughout the conflict, the Ministry of Defense has monitored and adjusted our presence in the country depending on how the security situation has changed. Rider said they are now considering sending several additional advisers to support the Office of Security Cooperation at the U.S. Embassy.

Office staff perform various advisory and support tasks. It will not participate in combat operations, Ryder emphasized.

U.S. officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Politico that the purpose of the additional forces is to help the Ukrainians with the maintenance, monitoring and logistics of arms aid sent by the U.S.

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The US House of Representatives voted in favor of an arms aid package for Ukraine on Saturday evening.

As part of a new aid package approved by the US House of Representatives, long-range Atacms missile systems are being sent to Ukraine and are expected to begin their journey in the next few days.

The long-range missile system can be fired at targets up to 300 kilometers away.

Senator: If the aid package is approved, the Atacms missiles will arrive already this week

US Senator Says US Will Send Long-Range Weapons Aid By The End Of This Week Mark Warner tells CBS News.

A massive aid package for Ukraine must be approved by the US Senate before being signed by President Joe Biden. Warner hopes to have it signed by the president on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Warner says the US will send Atacms missiles to Ukraine if the support package is passed. The senator says their donation to Ukraine was months in the making in the US.

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