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All of southern Norway's airspace was closed on Thursday morning due to a technical glitch with Oslo air traffic control. Finnair says its morning flight arrived in Oslo as usual.

A Norwegian Airline plane lands in July 2022. Photo: Francis Dean / AOP

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At 10:30 a.m. Finland time, the airspace of southern Norway was reopened to traffic. Air traffic at Norwegian airports has now gradually started.

Norwegian airport company Aviner said the error, discovered in the morning, was still causing significant delays to air traffic. Passengers are advised to follow the instructions of the airlines.

The closure of the airspace is currently affecting flights in particular via Stavanger and Oslo, according to NRK.

They are talking about closing Norwegian airspace, among other things Norwegian media V.G and the Public Broadcasting Corporation NRK

Screenshot taken from website on April 25, 2024 at 9:32 Finnish time.  The image shows only a few aircraft in the airspace of southern Norway.

This is what the plane looked like this morning on in the airspace over southern Norway. Photo: Screenshot from website on April 25, 2024 at 9:32 Finnish time. Image capture and image processing: Maija Keskisaari / Yle

Finnair has not yet been affected

Finnair is monitoring the situation. A Finnair flight that took off from Helsinki on Thursday morning was able to land in Oslo as usual. The next flight from Helsinki is scheduled to leave at 12:00.

– It is not possible to say how long this situation will continue, the spokesperson of Avinar Catherine Fromholt said Thursday morning V.G.

The cause of the technical glitch is not yet known, but Avinor has ruled out the possibility of a data breach.

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– There are two systems that do not talk to each other. And we have to close the airspace over the whole of southern Norway, said Avinor's spokesman. Ylva Celius Trulsen Norwegian public broadcaster NRK.

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