Ukrainian War, Day 791

This article summarizes the most important events of the war in Ukraine since Wednesday, April 24, 2024. It was the 791st day of the war.

  • The US Senate approved the Ukraine aid package and President Biden signed it.
  • A Russian missile hit its own territory again.
  • President Putin's ally has warned Europe.

Biden Seals US Ukraine Package

President of the United States Joe Biden It signed a new support package for Ukraine on Wednesday.

The package of about 61 billion was approved by the US Senate on Tuesday after several months of delay.

The effect of the package is immediate. According to Reuters, Biden said he approved the first billion arms delivery to Ukraine. According to Biden, the flow of arms to Ukraine will begin within hours.

The first-aid kit includes vehicles, Stinger missiles, additional ammunition for advanced artillery rocket systems, 155 mm artillery shells, TOW and Javelin anti-tank missiles, and other weapons that can be readily deployed on the battlefield.

The aid package signed by President Biden also includes support for Israel and Taiwan. AOP

US Senate Approves Ukraine Aid Package

As expected, the US Senate approved the Ukraine aid package late Tuesday local time. At the same time, it also approved aid packages for Israel and Taiwan, bringing their cost to $95 billion.

The Senate approved the massive package by a vote of 79-18. Of those opposed to the aid, 15 were Republicans and three were Democrats, including the undecided Bernie Sanders.

US President Joe Biden will sign the bill into law on Wednesday morning. He made a brief statement after the bill was passed.

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– I will sign this law and speak to the American people tomorrow as soon as it is on my desk, so that we can start sending weapons and equipment to Ukraine, he said.

According to military sources, after Biden's approval, the United States could begin supplying Ukraine with some weapons “almost immediately” from its arsenals located in Europe.

Before the bill passed, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, gave a short speech that began with the words, “Finally, finally, finally.”

– Tonight, let Vladimir Putin rue the day he questioned America's resolve, he said.

US President Joe Biden will sign the legislation into law on Wednesday morning. The film was shot in December 2023. AOP

Zelensky thanked Biden

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky News Service X thanked President Biden for the support package.

Zelensky said the six-month process has come to an end.

“No matter what anyone says, we are getting the support we need to protect lives from Russian attacks,” he wrote.

According to Zelensky, the first billion aid package contains exactly what he and Biden agreed upon.

– In recent days, we have been actively working with our American friends at all levels to add to this collection the types of weapons our warfighters need.

Ukraine hit by drones: Russian energy plants go up in flames

In Russia, a fire broke out at fuel and energy plants in the Smolensk region after a Ukrainian drone strike, the region's governor said. Vasily Anokhin It was announced early Wednesday morning.

– Our region is again the target of Ukrainian drone attacks. As a result of the enemy attack, fires broke out at fuel and energy plants in the Smolensk and Yartsevo regions, Anokhin said. In Telegram.

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There were no reports of personal injuries. According to Anoh, the fire department arrived to douse the fire.

On the other hand, the governor of the Lipetsk region of southwestern Russia Igor Artamonov Ukrainian drone crashed in industrial area.

Russia bombed Russia again

Independent Russian media outlet Astra reported that a Russian missile had hit its own territory again on his Telegram channel.

A Russian H-59 missile was found near the village of Krasnoi in the Belgorod region. According to official reports, the missile did not cause material damage or personal injuries.

According to Astra, Russian officials explained the matter by saying that the missile “abnormally” deviated from its trajectory and ended up about 92 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. The Russian Armed Forces destroyed the missile at the point of impact.

Astra points out that Russia dropped bombs on its own territories at least 21 times between March and April alone. In January, lltalehti reported on two different cases, which you can read about here and here.

Politics In addition to the incident in Belgorod, on April 2 the Russian Armed Forces detonated a bomb near the Rubisne railway station. Rubisne is in Ukrainian territory occupied by Russia.

Such destruction was caused by a Russian H-59 missile in Odessa in early April. AOP

Putin's ally has warned Europe

Valentina Matvijenko, head of the Russian Federation Council, the upper house of parliament, warned Europe, Reuters news agency reported.

Matvijenko is an ally of Vladimir Putin. According to him, Russia has already created a legal initiative through which it will respond to Europe if frozen Russian assets are confiscated and used to support Ukraine.

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According to Reuters, since Putin launched a full-scale war against Ukraine in February 2022, the United States and its allies have frozen a total of about $300 billion in Russian assets.

Many high-ranking US officials are ready to use the funds for the benefit of Ukraine, but Europe is skeptical on the matter. The aid package for Ukraine approved by the US Congress contains a clause that allows for sequestration of funds.

According to Reuters, Matvienko's message was that Russia's countermeasures were noticeable and would “hurt” Europe.

– We are ready to respond, Matvijenko tells Russian news agency RIA, according to Reuters.

– We have a draft law which we are ready to consider immediately as a retaliatory measure. Europeans have more to lose than us.

Matvijenko did not specify what Russia's response would be.

Valentina Matvijenko, one of Russian President Vladimir Putin's allies, threatens Europe with concrete countermeasures. EPA/AOP

Russia strikes a residential area in Kharkiv with a missile

Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Tereh'ov announced In Telegram, Russia has hit residential buildings in Kharkiv with missiles. Derehov said four buildings were damaged and two people were injured.

According to Tereh'ov, Russia attacked a residential area in Shevchenkivs'kyi district with S-300 missiles. A gas pipeline was also damaged in the attack.

Elsewhere in Kharkiv region, Russian missiles hit an administrative building in Zolochiv, the governorate of the region. By Sinzhehubov said In Telegram.

According to Synjehubov, a total of six people were injured in the Kharkiv attacks.

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