Erica Wigman's Emotional Outburst: “It's Hell My…”

20240410, Helsinki. Guest premier of back to back films. Pictured is Erica Wigman.

After the weekend's events, the singer says she's in “love pieces.”

Singer Erica Wigman31, enjoys his current living situation.

Erica had a gig last weekend at Pakahoon in Tulligamar, Tampere. It was previously reported that Erica revealed her concert outfit with the pictures she posted.

Now Erica is talking about her mood after the show. After all, the evening caused him an explosion of emotion, as a result of which he remembers what the goal really is in his work. He wants everyone to be accepted on his show for who they are.

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I still love Saturday's Buckahoon gig and you guys there. Actually from the whole spring tour. I always felt a certain sense that I didn't fit in with the group and considered myself odd, He opens up on his latest update.

Because of that aforementioned feeling, Erika feels that she has created her own world on her show.

In my shows, I get a strong sense of community. The energy is accepting and loving and the world is good for a moment. I hope that everyone who comes to my show knows that they are not alone and that they are accepted as they are. That's always on my agenda now! Erika declares.

Many fans have praised Erika for her great and welcoming concert atmosphere in the comments of the publication.

Erika still has the last show of her spring tour in Lappeenranta tomorrow, Tuesday.

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Erika Sinsteinen is known for her hits Baia and Siciolina.

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