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The terrorist organization Hamas has accepted the ceasefire plan prepared by Egypt and Qatar.

Two Israeli soldiers in front of an armored vehicle on May 6. Photo: Menahem Gahana/AFP

Yrjö Kokkonen,

Laura Kangas

Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas has accepted a ceasefire plan to end the conflict in Gaza.

The proposal was drawn up by Egypt and Qatar, which have been mediating ceasefire talks for months.

Several foreign news agencies and media outlets, among others, are reporting on the matter Al-Jazeera.

According to a Hamas statement, one of the leaders of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh The Qatari Prime Minister and the Egyptian Intelligence Minister have given the nod by phone.

So far, there is no detailed information about the content of the proposal.

Israel’s official position has not yet been provided. An Israeli official told Reuters the ceasefire proposal would not work for Israel.

According to the official, the proposal is “soft” and contains “far-reaching conclusions” that Israel does not accept.

As recently as Monday morning, the Israeli army ordered people to leave the southern parts of Rafah for the town of Khan Yunis and its surrounding areas.

The call is believed to foreshadow Israel’s long-planned ground offensive in the region.

Israel has urged people to leave the southern areas of Rafah for the city of Khan Younis and its surrounding areas. Photo: Harry Wahakangas / Yil, Map Creator, OpenStreetMap

Israel has repeatedly said it is not ready to end the war permanently until it destroys Hamas. Hamas, on the other hand, has demanded a permanent ceasefire.

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Israel’s military operations in the Gaza Strip began after the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel in October last year.

According to Israeli officials, about 1,200 people were killed in the Hamas attack. According to the Health Ministry under Hamas, more than 34,700 people have died in the Gaza Strip since the Israeli offensive began.

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Sources: Reuters, AB

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