Stock market: Vaishya open after May Day – Cargotech slips as prices tighten.

The Helsinki Stock Exchange opened in a subdued mood after May Day.

After Thursday's open, the Helsinki stock market's main index was at zero in Tuesday's closing readings. In less than half an hour, the index fell 0.1 percent to 9,847.07 points.

On the Helsinki Stock Exchange, the day started with limited news, with no earnings announcements scheduled for the day after Labor Day. On Friday, they will announce the results report for the beginning of the year, among other things Rarely, Capeman, City of Bihjala, Delist And Vaisala.

Machine shop Valmet said Thursday it will offer a technical update of the fiber line Legton to a combined pulp and paper mill in Zaragoza, Spain. Delivery is planned for mid next year due to maintenance shutdown of the factory.

Valmet did not disclose the value of the order. That's included in Valmet's orders for the first quarter, which totaled 1.1 billion euros, according to its April results report. Valmet's new orders at the start of the year fell short of analysts' consensus estimate of around 1.3 billion euros in orders.

Shares of Valmet were down about 1.0 percent after the stock market opened on Thursday.

Among the agitators on Thursday morning's main list was, among others, a steel company SSAPIts exchange rate was around 3.0 percent higher with a turnover of more than 1.0 million euros.

It was the most traded stock in the morning NokiaA turnover of 2.6 million euros increased by around 1.0 percent. Price reactions of heavily traded stocks were largely subdued.

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Bill was among the ten most served Sambo (-0,5 %), Cone (-0,2 %), Wartsila (-0.8 %) and Cargotec (-2,4 %).

Cargotec's target price rose after posting a stronger-than-expected result from earlier in the week. In Inderes 72.00 Euros (previously 62.00 Euros) and OP:lla 68.00 Euros (60.00 Euros) However, both reduced Cargotek's recommendation.

Inderes reduced the recommendation to a reduction level (increasing time) because the analyst Erki Wesoln According to Kargotech's stock, the components are “pretty fully priced” in a composite analysis after seeing a price rally.

According to the OP, the valuation coefficients of Cargotec shares are challenging due to strong price appreciation. OP lowered the recommendation to sell (decrease in temp.).

Inderes and OP have filed target prices and recommendations for several companies that have announced their results since the beginning of the week. Below is a list of the most recent.

Jupiter's suggestion changes

OP Raises Target Price on Cargotec to EUR 68.00 (previously EUR 60.00), Reduces Sell Volume (previously Reduced)

OP raises target price on Actia to EUR 11.00 (previously EUR 10.50), reiterates BUY recommendation

OP Raises YIT's Target Price to EUR 1.90 (previously EUR 1.70), Reiterates Cut Recommendation

OP lowers HKScan's target price to EUR 0.70 (previously EUR 0.75), lowers repeat recommendation

Inderes Raises Target Price on Cargotec to EUR 72.00 (previously EUR 62.00), Reduces Recommendation to Reduce (previously increased)

Interus raises YIT's target price to EUR 1.85 (previously EUR 1.80), reducing recommendation to reduce (previously increased)

Inderes raises Optomed's target price to EUR 4.50 (previously EUR 3.30), reducing repeat recommendation

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Inderes Cuts Boreo's Target Price to EUR 22.00 (previously EUR 24.00), Reduces Repeat Recommendation

Inderes cuts target price on KH Group to EUR 0.80 (previously EUR 0.95), reiterates add recommendation

Inderes lowers Solteq's target price to EUR 0.55 (previously EUR 0.80) and a sell rating (previously reduced).

Inderes cuts target price on Oriola to EUR 1.00 (previously EUR 1.10), adds recommendation

Inderes raises Betolar's recommendation to Cut (Sell now) with a target price of EUR 1.00

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