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During Question Time on Thursday, the opposition was asked to tighten the law on weapons. First Questioner Pritha Ranthanan (SD) pointed out that there have been several suspected crimes involving licensed handguns in public places in the past month.

He noted media reports that when the current gun law came into force in 1998, previously issued gun licenses were still valid even when they did not meet the requirements of the new law.

– He asked if you would be prepared to change the gun law so that the validity period of gun licenses would expire, which conflicts with the current gun law.

Interior Minister Mari Rantanen (ps.) responded that Finnish gun laws are too strict compared to European standards.

– At first I wouldn't think that our gun laws are somehow lax, Randanen said.

– It is good to remember that no weapon is inherently dangerous. When this happens the wielder of the weapon renders the weapon dangerous.

In addition to licensed weapons, Finland also has a large number of unlicensed weapons that cannot be caught by the gun law, Rantanen added.

– Along with the changes we have made to the Government's plans for sentencing for these gun offences, we will also be specifically looking at police powers and police numbers at the same time.

The punishment is severe

Pritha Ranthanan proposed that an alcohol limit be fixed for the use of weapons containing explosives and that an intoxicated person be punished for handing over a weapon.

Minister Ranthanan did not promise this.

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– I think there is no need to set a blood alcohol limit because there should be a zero blood alcohol limit when handling weapons. Therefore, I do not see any justification for fixing the drunk driving limit to 0.5. But it should be absolute zero, Randanen said.

– When you handle weapons, they are handled without intoxication.

Justice Minister Lena Marie (ps.) added that the Firearms Act was being amended and there was now an assessment memorandum with a report on it.

For example, according to Mere, the sentencing range for aggravated firearms offenses is significantly harsher. Also, carrying an unlicensed firearm in a public place or in a vehicle is added to its identity.

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