A strange light phenomenon attracted attention on Thursday evening

An attention-grabbing light was spotted in the skies over southern Finland on Thursday evening.

Readers of Iltalehti received several pictures and videos of the “light phenomenon” seen in Uzima on Thursday evening. Several pictures and videos of the light moving across the sky have been sent to Iltalehti since around 11pm.

Observations of this phenomenon have been made at least at Vanda, Dusula, Borvu, Hainola and Thammasari. Based on readers' observations, the light calmed down and moved northward.

Until now, around midnight, the police did not know what this light phenomenon was. Fintraffic's road traffic service, according to the clerk, has also received calls from the light event. According to the observations, the light varies from spherical to spiral and appears very bright.

The Astronomical Society URSA has collected observations of the nighttime light phenomenon in question. of URSA For heaven's sake Based on surveillance reports, it was the burning part of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that launched in Florida.

Up to Ukraine

Similar observations were reported in several Ukrainian X-counts.

– This is not Northern Lights, or UFO, Ukrainian media writes in its update.

If you don't see the embed, you can see the update From here.

Story updated.

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