Android users are being warned about new malware – spreading via text messages in Finnish

The Cyber ​​Security Center from Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom warns of new malware.

Text messages intended to spread malware are in Finnish. Text messages have been sent in the name of many companies, according to which the recipient of the message has a debt collection request or strange account transactions.

The text messages ask to call a service number from which the user is instructed to install the malware on the Android device. The phone number appears to be that of a domestic telecom operator or local network.

According to Cyber ​​Security Center’s weekly review, the malware targets Android devices and its goal is to withdraw money from the victim’s online bank. According to Traficom, text messages will also arrive on other devices, but installing the app won’t work, for example, iPhone.

Don’t react to the message or install an app from outside the app store on your device, the Cybersecurity Center reminds. If you have installed the app in question, contact your bank immediately for damage control and then file a criminal complaint.

“If the phone tells you to install the application on your device, do not install it. Scams often use the names of well-known companies and try to mislead users. You can call the switchboard or customer service of the company you created. Confirm the request and the need for installation,” the information security expert reminds. Juso Tungelo Bulletin.

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